Hey, guys! Hope you like the new look and slight change of title for String of Pearls. Didn't want to confuse anyone or rock the boat too much, however, I am really excited about the new look and title. Thanks for visiting and please stay in touch.' String of Pearls'  is moving along and will be out soon. Again, thanks for being patient.


 "Another Bloomin' Writers Workshop" An afternoon Writers conference...May 2nd from 11:30 till 4:30 at the Friends Meeting House 727 Harrison Ave. Claremont Ca 91711

Inspiration-Poetry-Craft of Novel Writing-Pitch your book!

Last month during the meeting I had the honor of meeting David Congalton--the author of Writers Anonymous. A new humorous movie designed around an ordinary writers group. I truly loved the movie and suggest you, authors, check it out. Anyway... The crazy part of meeting David Congalton, but only after I'd realized who he was, of course, was that I had only recently watched the movie with my husband. After which, I sat and watched several times over. Mr. Congalton was  a very pleasant man as well as informative. He showed great passion for his craft... and I so very grateful to have met him, and that I can share my experience with all of you. Funny how life is sometimes; you can never know who you'll meet at any given time. So all I can say to you is: Don't get ready...be ready...


Thanks to all my ,    and  friends for the  friendly visits, awesome favorites,likes,retweets, and repins of my words. So glad I have something to say. And it's actually enjoyed by others. Great big smile, here.  

Both my website and blog, thank you as well!!!

And please...feel free to drop-in anytime. Leave your thoughts...I'd love to hear them. Talk about them. You matter. We are in this life together. 

Looking into ebooks as well, for my novel A String of Pearls... wish me luck!

Hey once again :) Another summer has come and gone, and I hope that a fresh pile of books will be piled beside your beds, or stuffed in backpacks, or trunks of your cars, or wrapped under Christmas trees to be read.  I am very  excited to finally present 'A String of Pearls' to you and hope that you will find it as a compelling of a page turning as I do. Write and tell me how you feel about the book cover. It's not engraved in stone just yet, but hopefully, it will be. Looking forward to your thoughts...

I have completed my third novel which is very dear to me. It touches home for me in so many ways and I know it will do the same for so many of you. My hope is that this novel and future novels will find that vulnerable part inside of you and allow you to appreciate what is had been right there in front of you all the time and hopefully  help you to move forward. We all have pain and no matter how much we tell ourself we got it, or that we are okay...the truth always seems to grab us by the hand and pull us right back down into that world we so don't want to go. Some of us make it out. Some of us just accept and keep moving. And some of us fall and never get back up.  Some of us just realize how precious life is and how important family can be even if it can't always be within your immediate family. The title, for now, is 'A String of Pearls' The story is about one mother's journey to save the three daughters she mentally disowned from becoming the women she herself has become(a beauty of a female with a whole lot of insecurities). And we all know that that is danger in itself. You may say to yourself...that sounds like a typical cliche', but believe me this story is far from any cliche'. It will take you through four different lives and leave you loving some, unsure of a few, and just down right hatred of others. But no matter which character you eventually bond with, or find yourself no different than... I promise, you will enjoy them all; and hopefully they will become as dear to you, as they are to me. 


To update on the San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival-- It was very pleasant, and my reading, I must say, went extremely well! I enjoyed not only my moment of fame at the microphone but every other author and poet's moment as well. The readings were intriguing, funny at times, and very well done. Before my reading, my family and I had a few hours to walk around and take in some of the AWESOME scenery- did some shopping, ate great food, mingled with some really nice people, and even bought a few trinkets. Buying things, sometimes helps calm the nerves--or at least that's what I tell myself. :)  Anyway, I had the honor of chatting with Robert Hoffman (writer/poet), who was not only a really nice guy but very knowledgeable about the world of writing. If you're reading this Robert, thank you :) Another great moment of the day was Donnell B. Jones, another interesting author, and nice guy...

I can have you here for hours following me along my day, but I won't. So I will end this by just saying thank you to those of you who were able to make it out, and to those of you who unfortunately could not this year...hopefully, we will see you next year! This year was the first of hopefully many more San Gabriel Valley Festivals...  And last but not least... Thank you, John Brantingham...

Thank as always guys, and don't forget...keep reading... ;)


 I will be speaking as well as reading a chapter from my second novel 'Cravings:Two Bloodlines' on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival held at The Civic Center, 1444 W. Garvey Ave South in West Covina ( between 4 & 5 pm / that thank you goes out to my sister Arnetrice for thinking of me when she came across it while reading about it in the Discover West Covina news weekly, and also to John Brantingham for graciously finding a space for me) so you may not find my name on the itinerary :( ).  It will be an awesome three-day event, and the best part about it-- it's FREE! So if you're in town for this glorious President's Day weekend, or just close in the area...please come out and join us. Again, the festival begins February 15, 16,& 17; there will be poets, fiction writers, children's writer's, artists,and so much more! Hope to see you there!


Hello, book readers! I hope this year is treating you well! I told you all that I was working on a new book and I am close to presenting that first chapter for your viewing and feedback, so look for it in the near future right here on my website. Looking forward to your comments. The title... A String of Pearls, at least that's the title for now. Be watching for it. And thanks for visiting. Happy reading!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope you each had a great Christmas and have come into this New Year with plenty of ambition and longing to read, read, read!!!!! The last time I wrote to you all, I said that I was working on my new book 'String of Pearls', so look for it soon. Please feel free to email me and leave your comments, I would love to hear them...until then--have a blessed day, and again, always know that I am reading my emails and will get back to you...just bare with me...thank for the visit and hope to talk to see your emails soon...


Hello, readers! Been doing a lot of writing (reading in between) and just wanted to update you guys on some things I'm working on. First of all, 'Cravings: Spoiled Blood' which is the title for the sequel of Cravings: Two Bloodlines, is going to be really juicy! I'm looking forward to giving you a sneak peek of the first chapter...I promise it will be a page turner!

My writing has taken a turn and although I enjoy fiction writing very much, the message must be a learned one, or a joy to be felt in some way. I have enjoyed writing my first vampire novel and hope all of you have enjoyed reading it. Don't worry...I'm not putting away my nights with vampires, and as long as you enjoy them, and want more, I will write more; however, my heart and calling is deeper. 

Hey, guys! I hope everyone is having a great hot summer...or should I say, a cool summer. I just wanted to share some news-- 'Cravings: Two Bloodlines' the sequel is moving along nicely and for those of you that have read Cravings...I'm sure you've been anticipating the sequel. Well, I do aim to please, and I'm sure you will love it! I have also started writing a new novel--not about vampires :( , but I know that my readers will love it a lot...I'm sort of up in the air on a title right now, but I'm sure by the end of the last chapter, I will have a title that's appealing enough for you all ;) For now, thanks so much for visiting my site, and keep reading... ;)


Hello, book readers! It's June 21, 2012, and I hope you've all been reading lots! The summer is here and it's going to be a hot year, so get ready...read plenty and hydrate often. If you have purchased Cravings: Two Bloodlines and have not yet left your comment online, please do so. It will be my honor to read your thoughts. Thanks, guys, and keep reading.

Hello, my friends! Just wanted to give you some update on my crazy and busy world! Cravings: Two Bloodlines is moving along and I wanted to thank all of you who are helping it do so! I will be attending a tea, which is the second annual tea, for The Black Pearl Book Club. I will be speaking ( :0) about my novel, and hopefully, signing some books for some of the ladies. It will be held on April 21, 2012, and I am so excited, although nervous. I had the honor of meeting a few of the ladies from the book club, and they were so pleasant to be around. I will keep you posted on that event and look forward to sharing that news with you!

Thank you all so much for visiting my website and I hope I'll see more of you at my next book signing. Also, please continue to check my site as much as you can... Okay...looking forward to meeting more of you personally.

Feel free to join my Blog page and leave your comments there or just email me... I'm waiting...LOL...

To recap! I will never forget my first Book Launch for Cravings: Two Bloodlines, or any of you that were able to attend. Thank you guys again. I really appreciate your support, time and friendship!


I have so many new ideas and thoughts about future books, and I can't wait to share them all with you... 

© Marie Dai'Re

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