String of Pearls

A Literary Suspense Fiction novel.

           . . .A family of four broken women must relive the painful past that will not only expose their deepest, darkest secrets; but will destroy their integrity, discredited their character, and exclude their truth.


Fanny Mae Dupuy has lived, laughed and loved. But that was a long time ago. Now, her family's secret is on the line, threating to destroy not only the man she loved for over thirty years but the three daughters she has vowed to keep safe. Jewels, Diamond and Treasure are all grown up. After several years, Jewels and Diamond have come home to celebrate their mother's sixtieth birthday. With nothing in common, other than a mother, and one mentally ill sister with a gun-- can these three young women miraculously find a way to forgive each other and forget what they knew as truth?  Or will they rise above family for the sake of justice, and  face the  destruction that will follow them for the rest of their lives?

Cravings: Two Bloodlines

Tierra is a troubled sixteen-year-old in the small town where the sun rarely shines called Fort White. It is the perfect place to hide if you're different. Tierra has a family secret. Her life is one incredible nightmare and she's alone, until handsome Troy Westfall's face graces hers across a crowded school quad.

 But Troy has a secret too. From that first glance, the two strike up a bond that threatens the friendships Tierra has come to love.

Tierra and Troy are vampires. Their families share a centuries-long feud, founded on hatred and betrayal. As ancient secrets threaten to slowly reveal themselves to the people of Fort White, Troy's secrets may prove too much for Tierra. Can this undead Romeo and Juliet survive the faults of their forefathers or will they be alone and truly dead?

De'ja Vu: Secrets

The queen of Jordam is dying, and no one that can help her, not even the King. But the queen has a secret and she must reveal that secret to her daughters, Shyne and Rhyne, before her death, if they are to remain alive.

Bella, the queen's sister's, however, is still vital and well, living on the other side of the kingdom with Silion, the evil Warlock, and she's waited patiently for fifteen long, years to destroy the queen and everything that the queen has touched, or loved.

But with the help of an old Frawd that goes by the name Mister Pete, Danny Boyd, a handsome young warlock, and Starr, the young daughter of the evil Warlock-- Princess Shyne, will make an adventurous journey to keep a promise to her dead mother, the queen-- save her promiscuous sister, Rhyne from her own destruction, and unknowingly find the Secret of Déjà vu.

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