Q.    So what made you stop doing music, when you loved it so much?
A.    My family was growing, and sadly, late night studio time and traveling is not an option.

Q.  How are your characters developed?
A.  Very slowly. It's a day by day process with a whole lot of conversation with self.(me and the character running around in my head). Most times, who the character starts off as is not who they end up being in the story. But as the character and their life, their world develop, so does their personality, their voice, and all the ingredients that determine who they are emotional.

Q. Was the change coming from writing music to writing stories a major problem or where's there a difference at all?
A. Writing music is like writing poetry and writing a novel is nothing more than poetry on steroids. Making music is felt. There are many tangibles that must come together in order to bring the music alive. To name a few: drums, guitars, strings, keyboards, etc... But the feeling you get while being creative is the same. The thought process of getting there is a bit different, however. But no matter if you are writing music, poetry or novels, you just know when it's right. You don't truly worry about a middle or end when you sit down and start; it just sort of writes itself because of your mood. However, there are rules. With music the rule is that you must have a hook, which will be the plot. In storytelling, it takes a great imagination to reach or find that good plot, which is the reason the reader wants to read the book. Getting your thoughts on the page as a musician, or writer is the easy part. Getting the message of the plot across to your listeners, or readers is another monster. But it's all the same.

 Q. Do you still write lyrics?

A. No,I don't. But I do stay true to my poetry. So I guess that question could be a yes after all.

 Q. Was it harder to transition to your second novel, coming from your first book? 

A. Every book is different. Every character is different. The tone of voice, the place. The idea is to develop a character, give them a mind, a heart, and bring them to lie. Writing the characters for Deja'Vu: Secrets, which is my baby, it took a lot of imagination and creativity. Craving's: Two Bloodlines, which was my second novel, about vampires, was much easier to write as far as the characters. SoI think the transition was easier, but the writing was harder. By my second novel, I'd learned a great deal about my mistakes of writing. I'd read more, watched a whole lot more about the creative process of writing, and studied my craft more. And I believe that as long as I continue to read, listen and accept the criticism from those willing, to be honest, and give it, that my writing will only get better. 

Q. How long does it take to write a novel?
A. Writing a novel is different for every author. That question honestly just depends on the author's creative state of mind, and how fast they can vomit out characters and new worlds.  

Q. How do you shuffle between being a mom, a wife,and writer?
A. With luck, and a whole lot of prayer. But seriously, I am blessed. I have a wonderfully creative minded husband who is not only supportive but honest with me about my writing. He is my number one fan, my muse, and my hardest critic. My three children are wonderful. They are adults now, but I guess the route my husband and I have chosen to raise them, although I'm not saying it has been totally easy; it has been an experience filled with joy, laughs, cries, and tuff love. However, I'm a writer, and thankful for the amazing rollercoaster ride with all them. They have each given me some great ideas for novels. As they say; home is where your story begins. 

 Q.  Does your family support you during your writing process?

A. Yes, they do. Sometimes it gets hectic for all of us, however, we do try to give each other space and time needed to be ourselves. 

 Q.  How do you come up with a plot for a story?

A. I spend a few days studying people. If I'm lucky, I strike up a conversation and that sort of gives me inspiration for dialogue. I watch their actions, their body language. I listen, I read them. I mix that up with personalities from some of these hilarious talk shows. I mean where do they find those people? But hey, they do make for some really interesting characters and awesome stories.

Q.  Where do you get your motivation and ideas from?
A. Writing's my passion, something I can do all day, so the motivation's already there. Being creative with that idea is the difficult part.  

Q.  What comes to mind first... the character or the storyline?
A. For me, it's the story. From there, I create my characters' and their world just sort of evolves. 

Q. If you don't mind me asking, what's your favorite drink/or drink?
A. To be honest, I'm glad you asked that question. And I'm glad to share my answer. Being that I am a cocktail kind of girl; I can't express enough how much love I have for in-house use, mixologist, husband. Bubblegum Sundae. Or the Mai-Tai, which I must say, is to die for. And I wouldn't be totally honest with your question if I didn't mention to you about the best Malibu Bay Breeze, which is awesome on that perfect, warm Saturday afternoon.

© Marie Dai'Re

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